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UFO  January 22nd  2019


UFO  January 22nd. 2019ufo190122


UFO January 21st, 2019ufo190121


Enter the alien world of Quagmire and Melrose – Register for a visit at Hotel UFO! Breakfast with the twelve-fanged Venusian Gnasher. Chat with the big hairy Griznet. Sit in the control tower with Frank and Earl as they guide incoming traffic to an unlikely safe landing on the roof. And monitor abducted celebrities as they suddenly find themselves 4.5 million miles from Earth on this strangest of planets…..  From the creator of the TEN CATS comic strip Graham Harrop





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Hi!  I create colourful, commemorative booklets and presentation cartoons for restaurants, special events, corporate banquets, anniversaries.  A great way to break the ice!   I can also create a fun place mat in black and white, ready for kids to colour, highlighting your organization or professional services.

Cartoons are also available individually for your newsletters and blogs — please e-mail gryndstoneandfusspot@gmail.com for more information and pricing.

Put the Power of Humour to work for you!  Companies such as McDonald’s Corporation, Fairmont Hotels, BMO and Devon Energy regularly call on Graham Harrop Cartoons to provide features for their associates.  Non-profits find Graham’s cartoons an inexpensive way to show appreciation to hard-working volunteers.  Medical offices use them as outreach to patients of all ages.  Rough concepts are first delivered to you for your selection, based on material you and your colleagues might provide.Please feel free to discuss your organization’s needs with me, and consider a Graham Harrop Cartoon to provide the perfect cheerful touch!

Cartoon collections can be viewed at:  http://gryndstoneandfusspotpress.com


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